Participants can not schedule meetings at the event.
Can not define a circle of useful people
Do not know how to take the first step when meeting
The main value of events is new contacts
This is indicated by 8 out of 10 participants in business events at various levels.

Participants exchange contacts before, during and after the event
The current program is always available to participants
Service by magic shows the participant of people who are interested him
Exchange of contacts
Online program
Participants can correspond both within the application in the chat room and in the social network that they indicate
It's easier to get acquainted
Before you approach a person, you can study his profile and start communicating with a common theme
Direct communication with the organizers
Participants at any time can ask the question directly to the organizers
In establishing useful links to your Participants will help the web application REG.FM
Setting up the application
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Why do you need REG.FM as an organizer?
This is what distinguish our clients:
Loyalty of participants
Loyal members who find themselves new partners or customers on your event, will definitely come and lead their circle of acquaintances
Communication during the event
If something went wrong - it does not matter. You can at any time be able to notify customers about the changes, in just 20 seconds
Knowledge of participants
On the way out, you will have unique knowledge about your audience. This is information from their social networks, activity, involvement and appointments
Invitation for upcoming events
Right during the event, you can make 20% of sales for your next events, as do many experienced organizers
Additional advertising opportunities
Your sponsors will have an advertising platform that can provide accurate statistics of views and involvement
Increase ticket sales
The service starts to work before the event and motivates the participants to buy tickets, showing them the usefulness of not only the content, but also the community of the event
Another 3 advantages of REG.FM
REG.FM is honed at 155 events and arranges networking for 100% thanks to:
Participants are provided with FREE training on the art of networking, valued at 89 EUR, from Expert # 1
In REG.FM there are many mechanisms that allow you to involve even the most inactive visitors in the networking process
Service works equally well on any device. Most importantly, you do not need to install anything
Here is what our clients say about REG.FM:
"Thanks to the service, a lot of meetings were scheduled, visitors made friends in social networks and they had a pleasant aftertaste - it is the merit of REG.FM"
Alexey Tomilov
Organizer InnoWeek Tyumen
"The service made it possible to quickly make friends in social networks to all participants of the conference, increased the number of subscribers of the event group"
Julia Kuznetsova
Organizer Digital raid city of Kazan
"We use REG.FM at all our events." Participants thank us for the productive networking "
Yevgenia Konovalova
Organizer, Science guide Moscow
22 168
Of participants
66 504
New contacts established
Contacts are found on average by participants
It is not more expensive than providing all the participants with badges, but it is much more effective in networking
Up to 100 participants. The event page is available for 1 months
235 EUR
From 100 to 500 participants. The event page is available for 1 year
To order
470 EUR
From 500 to 2000 participants. Event page is available for 1 year
To order
Payment is made by participants who appoint more than 5 meetings
Get REG.FM for the event
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